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Special Limited Time
$99.00 per person
$79.00 ages 10-13
Must be over 10 years
We will host private family group tours
Up to 8 people, kids welcome.
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Northwest’s animal care sanctuary is a privately owned facility by Dave Coleburn. It is not open to the public. Dave is a part of the Northwest Exotic Animal Rescue (NWAR), a network of animal professionals that primarily deal with exotic wildlife.
NWAR assists animal control, as well as state and federal agencies. This facility is manned and under surveillance 24 hours/7 days a week. The exotic animals at this wildlife sanctuary require specific diets and temperature-controlled environments. All of the animals in this facility are federally protected.
In the future, Dave as wild animal sanctuary representor may do educational events in the area. We as animal care sanctuary providers will post pending events on our website. We may also provide personal encounters with some of the animals but the size of the group will be limited due to the sensitivity of the animals.
Donations to our wildlife sanctuary help support this important work. Your donation will help us provide our exotic wildlife with the special food and care they need. Your contributions make a tremendous difference!


We provide a unique perspective on exotic wildlife and their caregivers. The volunteers at this center of wild animal sanctuary are committed to the preservation of wildlife animals and aim to foster understanding and respect of these animals.
Dave Coleburn is a genius animal sanctuary volunteer, a fountain of information and fun facts about the exotics in his care. Our visitors come from all walks of life and our experiences allow them to reflect on their own relationship with nature.
Our animal care sanctuary provides continually improved and stimulating habitats for our residents. We also work toward the long-term recovery of our injured animals. We are a wildlife sanctuary that is USDA licensed and inspected.


Our animal sanctuary volunteer works in conjunction with NWAR, a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization, and does not receive government support or special funding. 100% of the support that we receive is provided by people like you.
This sanctuary facility is home to over 50 exotic animals from wolves to sloths, and kinkajous to bearcats. We have provided sanctuary for hundreds of abused, abandoned, and confiscated animals. Northwest Wild Animal Sanctuary also rehabilitates injured wildlife so they can be released into natural habitats if possible.
Housing exotic wildlife and providing an educational experience is an expensive endeavor. Most of the funds generated from Northwest Wildlife Sanctuary go directly to NWAR and the care of the animals in this facility. This animal care sanctuary center of ours isthe largest contributor to the non-profit NWAR, which in turn provides funds to other sanctuaries that need help.
The fees collected for our tours fund those facilities. Our animal sanctuary volunteer staff are wildlife advocates and volunteer their time and resources for the comfort of our animals and the betterment of our sanctuary.
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